Interview Me: The “All About Me” Meme

As much as we might try to live our lives to the (hopefully high) standards we set for ourselves, it is perhaps our weak moments that expose and define us. In one such weak moment I succumbed to Sandy’s MAWB Squad “interview me” invitation. I may have done this thinking it’s a good idea to ingratiate one’s self to the future rulers of the planet, but in the interim I rather hoped this indiscretion might fade away unnoticed. Not only was this hope in vain, I see now that the first three questions are not in the vein of “What is your name? What is your quest? What is your favorite color?”

Well nothing to it now but to do it, and realize that some people pay a lot of money to talk about their inner secrets, and this is free. If you, dear reader, would like to take a similar challenge, see the information at the end of this post and help keep this meme going.

1. Pick a country, any country, to emigrate to for a year. What country did you pick and why? Given the opportunity would you make the move? Could you convince your family to do it?

Someplace in the tropics sounds good on this rainy, 30-degree day in May, but then I really don’t care for humidity and insects. I have long had a romantic notion, however, of having a smallish croft in Scotland, located on a promontory over the North Sea. I see myself tramping through the heather wearing a tweed coat or wooly sweater with a shawl collar and with a black dog romping nearby, then retiring to a snug stone cottage (complete with broadband and satellite tv so I can pick up ESPN) to read, write, meditate and see what the four seasons are like in this place. This fantasy usually involves someone sending me to this place for a year to write, just to see what may come out, so if this opportunity were offered I may have to take it.

Unfortunately, I’d probably have to do this alone since my Minnesota born and bred wife, who struggles daily to keep warm, has said she wants to spend the last half of her life in a warm climate (a challenge that is also starting to take on an actuarial aspect), and coastal Scotland doesn’t fit that requirement. As for my daughters, the giftings in their lives would make such isolation an injustice to them and to the world. Still, if only for a year, ….

2. What do you fear and why do you fear it? What helps you to cope with your fear?

4 thoughts on “Interview Me: The “All About Me” Meme

  1. Oh Oh me me me!

    Ok I’m really not that excited about it…but since you are still technically my Reader of the Month, I’ll play ball.

  2. Wow. That response was WAY too enthusiatic…I think I may have made a big mistake.

    Is it too late to claim I was drunk when I volunteered?? You’ve met me, surely you have to believe that!

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