More Details in the Mike Tice Investigation

The NFL has released the following transcript of the phone call from an unknown tipster accusing Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Tice of scalping Super Bowl tickets:

NFL: Hello, NFL Security Office, how may I help you?

Caller: Howdy! I mean, hi. Say, y’all know that head coach you’ve got up there in Minnesota?

NFL: Mike Tice, sir?

Caller: Yeah, that’s him. Well I can guaran-damn-tee you that old boy’s playing with the odometer, if you know what I mean, with his team’s Super Bowl tickets.

NFL: What do you mean, sir?

Caller: I mean he’s scalping those tickets and puttin’ the money in his saddlebags, that’s what I mean!

NFL: Why would a head coach want to do something like that, sir?

Caller: Because he’s paid diddly-sq… I mean, how should I know? He’s the criminal mastermind, not me. Say, you don’t suppose that something like this could be grounds for terminatin’ his contract, do you? You know, without having to pay fer it I mean?

NFL: We’ll look into it, sir. Could you give me your name so we can get back in touch with you?

Caller: It’s Re… I mean, you can call me “Deep Threat.”

NFL: Hmmm, didn’t you already trade that guy?

Caller: Oh, right. Well then, call me Tex. No, no, that’s not it…shootfire! Charlene, what’s that word when you don’t want anyone to know who you are? Animal what? Oh, right, right. I’m Anonymous.

Call ends.

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