Tiger Lilly’s Prague vlog

by the Night Writer

Tiger Lilly has been terribly consumed with her certification class. The program started out fast on the first day, and has steadily ratcheted up the pace and the amount of work since then. The classroom part is only the beginning; she has hours of work to do once she gets home each evening. Frankly, some of the requirements appear to be unnecessary to the job at hand, but it’s their program and they’ve been doing it for some time. I think Tiger Lilly will be alright, but it’s a good thing she has her mother around for freak-out sessions. It leaves little time for blogging, though.

Fortunately, the program is just four weeks – and she’s now more than half-way through. In a way, I think the freak-factor is a good sign; it means she’s being challenged, and in every step of her education she has overcome each big, hairy challenge and emerged on top.

She did take a little time over the weekend, though, and created this neat little video-log, or vlog, about her arrival in Prague. Not all of her vlogs will appear on The Night Writer; she reserves certain things for family and close friends, but I’m happy to be able to share this beautiful piece with you. For one, I think you’ll enjoy it. Secondly, I think it was therapeutic for her. It’s entitled, “On Beginnings”.

2 thoughts on “Tiger Lilly’s Prague vlog

  1. Don’t worry about not understanding the lyrics, the original band (Bon Iver, though the band singing the song in the video is Coeur de Pirate) focused more on the sound the words made rather than what they meant, so it’s strongly experimental and entirely nonsensical.

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