Night Hens – The End of Days

Before we leave the house:

MD: Where’s my lip stuff. Oh, it’s in another pocket, that’s why I didn’t find it.
TL: Oh! It’s in another dimension, that’s why I didn’t find it.

At Espresso Royale in St. Paul:

MD slops her coffee on the table.
MD: Weren’t me.
TL: Actually it was my dear sweet sister who’s done nothing but good for me my whole life.
MD: I kind of like the sound of that.
MD: Mom, how is your danish?
RM closes her eyes and nods reverently.
MD: Are you going to share a bite with me?
RM passes the danish. MD takes bite(s), passes it back.
RM: How many bites did you take??
TL holds up three fingers.
MD gives TL a hit: One and a half!
TL: She hit me! She’s leaving in three days and she hit me!
MD: Aren’t you glad I’m leaving so I don’t hit you anymore?
TL: If it meant you would stay…
MD: You wouldn’t care if I hit you as long as I stay?

RM tries TL’s cocoa royale: That’s really good.
MD tries it: That’s spicy!
TL: It is?
MD: Don’t you feel it burning the back of your throat?
TL: Not really. I mean, I pop habaneros on a daily basis, so….

RM: [leans forward and peers at something over TL’s head] Yerba… latte?
TL: You know, I don’t really like it when you lean forward and focus on things behind and slightly above me… [imitates RM] Oh, is that a hammer? Why, yes, I believe it is! How wonderful! [humming Maxwell’s Silver Hammer]

RM: You know, I don’t think we really fit the demographic here…
TL: Why not? We’re all artists.
RM: I don’t think these people are artists… [lowers her voice dramatically] they’re more of the liberal type, I think.
MD: Well, I don’t think you can get away from that, that’s what most coffee shops are usually filled with.
TL: What is the world coming to?

MD trots off to the bathroom.
TL: [to RM] Ninja staring contest! [leans forward with wide eyes]
RM: [leans forward with wide eyes]
TL: This should be easy. You blink a lot.
RM: [blinks] … [defensively] My eyes are dry.

MD: [to TL, about hair] Let me see your purple.
RM: It’s fading into a not so nice color.
MD: We’ll have to dye it again.
TL: Can we blue it?
RM: [horrified] “Can we GLUE it?”!
TL: Bluueeee.
MD: Yeah, we could put blue in it..
RM: You should put true red in it.
MD: Oooh, you know what we could do is put some true red here, then there’s her orange, and then put in some blond! It’s be a gradation!
TL: I’m not comfortable with the direction of this conversation…
MD: OR, to make the purple go away real fast, we could just shave off that triangle of hair right there!
RM: [blanches] [to TL] You’re pretty, but I’m not sure it could survive that…
MD: Your prettiness would die!

This is the end of an era. Final Night Hens post before MD and Uncle Ben take the baby moose and flee to Iowa.

3 thoughts on “Night Hens – The End of Days

  1. If I may make such a suggestion. Every coffee house on the planet is contractually obligated to have an wifi connection right??

    So TL and RM, bring your laptop with a webcam. MD, you do the same on your end. Mix in a little Skype and you have a remote coffee session.

    You’re welcome.

  2. Great idea! You can do everything but filch bites off of each other’s plates.

    Actually, with the Reverend Mother talking about going down to Iowa every other weekend (and likely bringing Tiger Lilly) it may be time for a new feature: Night Hens on the Farm!

  3. Kevin,
    We would have figured it out sooner or later. But, thanks, we’re on it.

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