Anorex[st]ics Inaneymous 090: Holy Cow! Ten More Weeks until 100.

Unless, of course, I am inspired to do more than one a week.

Anorex[st]ics Inaneymous 090

Just think! By the time I reach 100, MD will have had Night Light! …Heck, by the time I reach 93, she should have become un-preggo…

Ciao for now!

5 thoughts on “Anorex[st]ics Inaneymous 090: Holy Cow! Ten More Weeks until 100.

  1. Speaking of preggo, your stick men look like they’re attached to the tree by umbilical cords. Just sayin’.

  2. Wait one cotton-pickin’ second. Un-preggo? You mean it’s not permanent?

  3. Sheesh, you should have seen all these little guys laying around in the yard after the big storm Saturday night. I suppose you had to use them in this cartoon before they spoiled.

  4. Right you are, K-Rod, but those records are being kept over there on Grumpy Old Men. So far I think everyone is still in the running. According to the mid-wife, though, it could also happen any day now that the baby has turned into position.

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