6 thoughts on “Alas

  1. Oh right, poor little ninja wid dee eety beety 102 degree fever. Don’t make me barfy warfy. Give me my comic! Or at least a treat.

  2. Arrrr! Maybe ye could be starting an International Cartoon Like a Pirate Day!

  3. Ahem, Sly– 103.4. Get it right before you antagonize, you ungrateful little creature!

  4. I take my name from… many places… <..>

    I honestly don’t know, Dad came up with the blogging names. I always thought it was the flower, but it could be the Indian… ask him.

  5. “Tiger Lilly” popped into my head as soon as she said she wanted to start blogging (she started as a contributor on the now defunct MAWB Squad blog). The juxtaposition of fierce and flowery was the perfect combo, plus she really liked tigers when she was little. Fwiw, Mindy Smith’s song “It’s Amazing” also features these lyrics:

    Tiger lily, my tiger lily
    You’re just wild
    You’re as wild as they come
    So what’s the trouble?
    Where’s the problem?
    You’re just a growing beautiful someone…

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