This sign was not at a Tea Party

by the Minfidel


No, this sign was on a college campus, the University of California-San Diego, at a rally that was part of the Muslim Students Association’s sponsored Israel Apartheid Week.

Now, it could be this was just one hateful, fringe sign out of hundreds of more benevolent and edifying signs, but I think Bob Collins should look into this. In the meantime, I expect St. Paul mayor Chris Coleman to issue an edict banning all city employees from, I don’t know, eating at Middle Eastern delis.

2 thoughts on “This sign was not at a Tea Party

  1. Just how good are you at holding your breath? Because I’d hate for my sugar daddy to do himself any harm.

  2. Bob’s too busy demanding that we police ourselves to do any policing himself. He might job this out to Eric Eskola, though.

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