Sweetie 16

by the Night Writer

We once had a little baby that would wake up in the morning, or from a nap, and instead of crying she’d let us know she was awake by giggling. I’d go in to get her and she’d look at me with bright eyes and smile as if to say, “It’s you!” Even then she was no doubt amusing herself with her own stories inside her head.

Seems like that was only a few weeks ago, but here we are and it’s time for singing “16 Candles”, or perhaps in this case, “16 Ninjas”. Our little Tiger Lilly has grrrrrown up and she’s still telling stories — only now they’re in a form where other people can understand them; well, read them anyway. Last week she sent off the manuscript from her first novel to a national contest for as-yet-undiscovered writers. We should know how that works out in the next 30 days or so. Should the judges be so thick-headed as to not rush contracts and cash advances in this direction we’ll look at serializing the story here or somewhere on-line.

As for today, something nearly as exciting: birthday dinner at Tiger Lilly’s favorite restaurant, Hell’s Kitchen in Minneapolis tonight! Happy birthday, sweetie. I can’t wait to see what you’ll dream up next!

Patience cookie fight
Patience pumpkin
peach louise
Gold Belt 1
Tiger Lilly Fedora

7 thoughts on “Sweetie 16

  1. Thank you, all!

    Gino~ They’ve already sent me multiple emails. I don’t even know how they got a hold of my email address.

  2. Man, telling your dad to shut his yap when you were just an infant. Hope this very special day, is the best you ever had. The royal family salutes you.

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