Anorex[st]ics Inaneymous 056: A Bit of Humour, A Bit of Human Nature

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So on All Hallows Eve, I learned something about human nature. A few friends and I went out to Chipotle, because we know that if you wear a piece of tinfoil, you get a free burrito. We were happily eating our burritos after waiting for about 15 minutes in line when we noticed a ton of flashing ambulance/firetruck/police car lights. There had apparently been a huge crash on Robert Street. We finished our burritos and were just about to leave when Dad came into Chipotle, saying that he had heard about the crash and wanted to make sure I was alright, and said he can give me a ride home. He had parked the car at Baker’s Square down the street instead of trying to get through the crash mess to park at Chipotle. As we were walking to the truck, this is what I noticed: People all over the sidewalks, pointing, talking, laughing at the crash. Apparently, a scene of two cars smashed and thrown to opposites sides of the street from each other, doors torn off and windows shattered, people laying in the middle of the street hurt and traumatized, or being carried into ambulances on stretchers, is now a form of entertainment and amusement to society. No one was praying, or trying to help, or anything worthwhile. Just another form of entertainment.
Until it happens to you.

Ciao for now.

4 thoughts on “Anorex[st]ics Inaneymous 056: A Bit of Humour, A Bit of Human Nature

  1. It may have looked as if no one was praying or helping, but that’s not true. In the reading I’ve done about the accident, there was a woman who was right there when it happened and who went to the man who was thrown from the car, and she stayed beside him and prayed and kept him still because, despite his injuries, he was desperate to get back to the car to see to his girlfriend and daughter. And I was praying as I walked past the scene, and your aunt and uncle who live just a block away from the scene, came there and prayed, and you were praying, and no doubt many others. The loud, immature yay-hoos drew your attention because of their behavior, perhaps distracting from the quiet and serious business that was going on. It is often thus in the world.

  2. Mmmm, crow is best served cold. Or is that murder? No wait, revenge! A revenge of crows? No, a murder! Gah, I think I’m being poisoned!

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