What we haven´t been telling you

by the Night Writer

While the Reverend Mother and I are keeping busy at our Pueblo Ingles program, we have assumed that Tiger Lilly was similarly occupied at her own PI venue with other teen-agers. It´s impossible to keep things from getting back to your parents, however, and kingdavid at The Far Wright brought the image and details below to my attention:

That’s right, Tiger Lilly is off to the left of this scene, hot on the heels of the bull. She’s been in Spain for less than a week, and she’s already creating havoc with the ninja bovines over there.

El toro

Apparently, I also have secrets of my own:


7 thoughts on “What we haven´t been telling you

  1. I knew it! I knew it! They said they were going to go and work for the Lord in Spain. I didn’t think that included ridding the countryside of ninja cows. Ummm, shouldn’t that be La Tigre Lily?

  2. Well, not completely. Tiger Lilly was sequestered with about 40 other teens up in the mountains in the north of Spain, and I don’t think there were any group excursions to chase bulls, and that guy in the second picture doesn’t really look like me, but otherwise I think the pictures are real. Some liberty may have been taken with the captions.

  3. Wouldn’t la be French. I just assumed 99% of the people who saw it wouldn’t know the difference. It sounds more Spanish to me to use el, but I’m not sure how you would feminize it.

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