I’m it! I’m it!!!

by the Tiger Lilly

This is in lieu of Anorex[st]ics Inaneymous, which will be posted later.

I was tagged by the controller of Through The Illusion: the awesomely awesome of awesomeness Hayden Tompkins with the 7 Things meme. I will be tweaking this to make it, ‘7 Things That May Or May Not Be True About Me’ to throw all you stalkers and enemies off. Obviously, you are still sworn to secrecy. That being said, I will continue with the aforementioned meme.

1. If I find that someone has given away any of the secrets I will divulge here in complete confidentiality, I will make it my personal job to hunt you down and unleash my tamed (I guess you could call them cowed) ninja cows upon you. Then I will also have to hunt down the poor fool that you told the secrets to, and erase their memories, or something drastic like that.
Just kidding! (or am I?!?!?!?! Muahahahahahahahahaaaaa!!!!! *Ahem*)

2. I have had my appendix removed. I’ve found that that operation needs to be done to a few books, as well (especially the ones that have Appendix A, Appendix B, etc etc).

3. I took the crazy test, and the results came out as, ‘You are Paranoid Crazy!’ But you never would have guessed that.

4. I plan on traveling a lot when I get older. At some point, I’m going to save a lot of money, pack a few things, get into my car, and just drive with no particular destination in mind.

5. I have written a novel, and am working on the sequel.

6. Because I’m feeling an excess of rebellity and a superfluity of naughtiness, I’m only going to tag one person.

7. I tag: Sly the Family Rat. She has just told me she will post later this week.

Okay, there you go. Now you can decide if all was a lie, none was a lie, or if I put down a mixture of both. I hope this drives at least some of you insane (although, for some of you, it’s less than a drive and more of a short putt).

Ciao for now!

5 thoughts on “I’m it! I’m it!!!

  1. I might, MIGHT, consider posting this little meme of yours if you’ll get me out of this infernal hamster cage. I climb out of my home for a little fresh air last week, y’all throw a hissy fit, and now I’m stuck in this, this 2 square inch hovel. Yeah, you’d better believe I’m a little ticked.

  2. Sly and the Diva Stone!

    P.S. Oh, I meant to tell you! Gordon Korman wrote his first book (This Can’t Be Happening at McDonald Hall) in middle school as a class assignment. He’s a professional writer now with a bazillion books published! Anyway, that little tidbit of awesome made me think of your mad skillz. 🙂

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