A special day

Today is December 11, a date that has come to have special significance in our family. You see, it was on December 11, 1987 that my wife and I discovered we were pregnant with our oldest daughter, the Mall Diva. Now you might think that this was a happy day, but nothing could be further from the truth. My wife had had endometriosis and a tubal ligation in the past and wasn’t ever expecting or wanting children. To have seen the first ultrasound pictures of the Diva-to-be had been stunning to her in the same way as a sudden punch to the stomach. On top of that, when we got home that evening we discovered that my dog — the pup that had found me about a month after I started living on my own and had seen me through the first two months of my marriage — had died. A pretty emotional day all around.

No matter what we thought our life was going to be like, it was apparent that there might be another plan that we were unaware of. Fortunately we both more than recovered from the shock and were soon able to begin taking steps — physically, emotionally and especially spiritually — to prepare a path and a future for our unexpected miracle. Some 18 years later in 2005 we were making other plans for another special day, a double-ceremony at our church where my wife would be ordained and we would have a graduation ceremony in commemoration of the Mall Diva’s home-school and beauty school graduations. We consulted the family calendars and church schedule for an opportune date and settled on the second Sunday in December. It wasn’t until later the following week that I realized that we had had those ceremonies on … December 11. I thought that was kind of neat at the time, not realizing that something else had happened that day as well.

I had helped a young blogging friend of mine get a job with a guy from our church and I had invited the young man to come with his boss to this special service. Yes, that was the day that Ben, my future son-in-law, first set eyes on the Mall Diva.

I had no idea 21 years ago, or three years ago, where each day’s events were ultimately going to lead or what plans God had in mind for us. Nor do I have any idea of what He has yet planned for us. You will understand, however, if I can’t help but look forward in trust and anticipation!

12 thoughts on “A special day

  1. Yes, that was the day that Ben, my future son-in-law, first set eyes on the Mall Diva.

    Is there any way we can get Ben on the record as to his initial reaction?

  2. Ben arrived early and originally saw the 2dangcute MD rehearsing with the band. I think his reaction was “Hmmmm.” Then she came skipping over to my side and I think his reaction was, “Oh, Doomsteak.” Maybe not, though, because he hadn’t heard that word yet. You can get more of Ben’s original thoughts from the day (back before he even knew where they would lead) by following the hyperlink in my post.

  3. Yeah, I saw Ben’s post from 12/11/05. Seemed pretty guarded so I figured I’d ask here now that he can speak somewhat freely.

  4. It was December 11 that my (at the time) wife and I first learned we were expecting our oldest, too. We’d just totalled our car the previous weekend, I was working in bars and making $6 an hour at KDWB and we were pretty well a mess…

    …and yet, eighteen years later, here we are!

    Happy anniversary!

  5. December 11, a date that will live in famy.

    (if infamy is a word, why wouldn’t famy be a word?)

    Nobody’s asked the most pertinent question regarding this fine post: where did you bury the dog?

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