Nobody expects…the Dad inquisition

My chief weapon is surprise…surprise and fear…my two weapons are fear and surprise…and ruthless efficiency. My three weapons are fear, surprise and ruthless efficiency….and coming out of the sun with a squirt bottle full of cold water. Make that my four weapons…oh, never mind. The point is Ben and the Diva weren’t expecting it, but they should have been!

8 thoughts on “Nobody expects…the Dad inquisition

  1. it looks more like a cold beer in your hand that Ben is fleeing from. not a bad idea,either.


    those two are practicing for the post-nuptial carrying over the threshold.

  2. It does look like Ben is practicing for something…and you are practicing for your role in the Office or something similar… love the 4th weapon… maybe I should try it…maybe it would work better than it worked with our cats.

  3. Aargh! I’m wounded!!! I can see beautiful lights… Bye my courtship buddy! I just knew that I shouldn’t have put that broccoli on your dad’s plate.

  4. Oh for crying out loud NW!! A water bottle?!?? Seriously. All you gotta do is ask and you can borrow my harpoon. Now you’re just being silly.

  5. She’s not his mate, yet, which is why the squirt bottle has COLD water.

    Re the harpoon; indoors, collateral damage is everything.

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