Family communication

The other day I stopped at Cold Stone Creamery and bought a small container of their Ghiradelli chocolate ice cream to share in a little private quality time with my wife.

Unfortunately, when I got home — and before any such quality time could materialize — I tucked it into the freezer of our kitchen refrigerator. This is an environment generally overstuffed with items that would enthrall an arctic archaeologist analyzing the lifestyle of my family. Hiding a small, innocuous container in there should have been relatively safe. Except. Except that I live in a house with three women and their chocolate-senses started jangling as soon as they all returned and entered the kitchen together.

Later I went into the freezer and saw that the container and been disturbed. And decimated. There was also a post-it note stuck to it, with large letters in Tiger Lilly’s hand-printing: “FOUND YOU!”

There was only one thing I could do.

I took the post-it note and in red ink struck a line through the word “found” and replaced it with my own “I WILL FIND” and stuck the note on the freezer door.

Let me know if you see any of them.

6 thoughts on “Family communication

  1. I have had this happen to me in the past and being in a home chock full of women I don’t know if I would have had the guts to bring home Ghiradelli chocolate ice cream – it wouldn’t last a few minutes….

  2. Muahahaha! I am the master of stealth!!

    *knocks over lamp*

    *knocks down wall*

    …oh crap.

  3. Patience, look over there! It’s a brand new knife!

    (Stage whisper to NW) Maybe if you put a big cowbell around her neck she’d be less likely to slink and lurk like a ninja in the night. It would be amusing to see the ultimate anti-cow crusader reigned in by such a device. More cowbell!

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