Cake Tangents and Spit-Swapping

Yay! Who’s excited for today’s cupcake post? I am! But, as the title states, I am on a cake tangent. So while I will be linking to a cupcake blog, the focus will be on cake in non-cupcake form. Got it?

I was browsing through Gigi Cakes, and saw her recipe for Banana Dulce de Leche Cake. I became quite excited because I remembered seeing a can of Dulce de Leche in the cupboard, and had wondered if there was anything I could use it for. This was my big chance!!!

It was pretty easy to make, and even the batter was super yummy! I have decided, though, that I’m not that into mascarpone icing, and if I make it again I might try cream cheese icing, or even no icing! The cake itself is that fabulous!

Hmmm…Am I forgetting something? Oh yeah, the story that inspired part of the title of this post, which most of you will probably find more interesting than the cake portion of this blog. Spit-swapping!

So, Benny and I were with a bunch of our peeps at the movie theatre, waiting for Expelled to start. I had bought a giant pretzel, and he was helping me eat it. You know how they come in paper envelopes? Well, I had taken out my gum and stuck it in the corner of the paper. So there we were, happily munching away, when I look down and notice that my gum was no longer in its little corner. Oh no!

I made it known that I couldn’t find my gum, and proceeded to search for it, first on myself, then I got up and searched my chair…it was nowhere to be found. I sat back down.

“I found it”, said Benny. He sounded a little grossed out.

My gum had fallen out of its corner and onto the pretzel, and it was Benny who got a surprise with his next bite. It was so funny! Well, at least Dave and Julie (who were sitting next to us) and I thought it was funny. Benny, not so much.

13 thoughts on “Cake Tangents and Spit-Swapping

  1. Oh, and it was definitely not funny because cinnamon gum and salty pretzel DO NOT mix!

    On the other hand, the cake was very delicious and really doesn’t need any frosting at all.

  2. Wow! Sharing gum, how much more spiritual can you get?

    Oh, the connection is definitely there.

    P.S. I can’t decide if it should be read sarcastic or innocently? Decide on your own terms.

  3. One solution would be to convince MD to switch to nacho cheese flavored chewing gum. That would go well with pretzel.

    Happy to help…

  4. Fine suggestion, Dan! Nacho cheese gum is much better than asiago garlic gum or kosher salt gum, although either of those are good with pretzels, too.

    I’ll bet the cake was delicious, though.

  5. Had you told me twenty years ago that one day I would be friends of a family that stocked Dulce de Leche in the cupboard, I would have said what planet did I get shipped off to. My next question would have been what the heck is Dulce de Leche; as a matter of fact, that would be my main question right now.

    What aisle at a Super Wal-mart would they stock Dulce de Leche;and, would their employees know where to direct you if you asked for it, or would they stare at you with a glazed look in their eyes.

  6. KD, loosely translated it means “cute milk.” Near as I can tell, it is milk for people who like diabetes and tooth decay. But it’s in Italian and I don’t really know it means and I’m willing to be corrected on this matter. Good night.

  7. Everyone knows that you have to speak Serbian to communicate with a Wally-World shelf stocker! Loosely translated, I think Dulce de Leche means Near-Beer….

    (crawling back under my rock now….)

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