47 out of 50!

Ben, the Mall Diva and I doubled up with two victories at Keegan’s tonight, scoring an amazing 47 out of 50 points in the two games including a perfect 25 for 25 in the second game.

In the first game our team name was, appropriately, Victory Pants. The second game we went with one of the Diva’s off-the-wall concoctions: Belgian Underwinks. We more appropriately could have been called Deja Vu All Over Again, and not just because we won for the second time that night. We aced it because Terry Keegan read the exact same quiz as he did in game 2 back on April 3. We won with 22 points that time; this time it was merely a matter of remembering the answers to the three questions we missed the first time around. (Hey, it’s still trivia knowledge – there’s no rule about how you learned that trivia in the first place!)

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