The Jane Austen movie club?

We watched a movie recently called The Jane Austen Book Club. It is very cute, and I would recommend it to ladies who love chick-flicks. The movie is about five ladies and one man (they all live in Cali) who decide to do a Jane Austen book club (surprise, surprise). They did one book a month for six months.

The characters:

Bernadette: An older lady who has been married six times and wants to get married one more time.

Sylvia: Just got a divorce from her cheating husband.

Allegra (Sylvia’s daughter): Lesbian. ‘Nuff said.

Grigg (not Greg): Very naive. He was invited into the club by Jocelyn.

Prudie: A French language teacher who has never been to France. A little stuck-up.

and Jocelyn: The lady who claims to ‘never want to fall in love’, so she raises dogs to fill that gap. She invited Grigg in hopes of hooking him up with Sylvia, but he has no intention of that and focuses his sights on Jocelyn.

The book club was started in February and ended in July. The first book they read was Emma, and they ended with Persuasion.

Grigg, who wonders why he’s in the club, buys all Jane Austen’s novel in one big book and thinks that they are all sequels to each other.
Allegra goes through a couple girlfriends throughout the movie. Prudie always happens to be just in time to see one of her students (that she falls in love with, despite the fact that she has a hubby) involved in questionable behavior with his girlfriend.

Jocelyn is generally blind to the fact that Grigg doesn’t want to hook up with Sylvia. Sylvia is very torn up for the first 30 minutes or so over the fact that her hubby was cheating on her. Bernadette almost always wears a crazy quilted jacket, which seems to match her personality perfectly.

I would probably give it three and a half stars out of four. I would definitely recommend it for a “girls night” some time. Very cute.

Ciao for now!

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