Whoops! I almost forgot to post about cupcakes!

First of all, what is a cupcake?

The all-knowing Wikipedia says:

A cupcake (the common US term) or fairy cake (the common British term), is a small cake designed to serve one person, usually made in a small paper cup container. As with larger cakes, frosting and other cake decorations, such as sprinkles, are defining characteristics of modern cupcakes.

Cupcakes are often served during a celebration, such as children’s classroom birthday parties. Additionally they can be served as an accompaniment to afternoon tea. They are a more convenient alternative to cake because they don’t require utensils or dividing into pieces because they are smaller.

A simple cupcake uses the same fundamental ingredients as most other standard cakes: butter, sugar, eggs, and flour. Nearly any layer cake or loaf cake recipe can be used to make cupcakes.

Yep, I think that’s a pretty straightforward explanation of what cupcakes are. Fairy cake? heehee!

Let’s see if Noah Webster’s 1828 has anything to say on the subject…Nope. Nothing on cupcakes. Maybe fairy cakes? Nothing there either. Darn.

Well, in honor of British terms, I shall link to Airy Fairy Cupcakes.

And now, story time! Late in the afternoon on Wednesday I was at work rolling a perm for like the second hour in a row. It’s not because I’m slow, it’s because the lady was Chinese, and so, of course, was her hair. Meaning it was really super thick (it was also shoulder-length, but that’s not because she was Chinese). We were all talking about politics or some such thing that was doing a good job of putting us in a crabby mood. We unanimously decided that we needed to change the subject. Here was my chance…

“We could talk about cupcakes!”, I offered in my excited-to-talk-about-cupcakes way.

“I don’t like cupcakes”, said Carole, my boss’s client.

“*GASP*! Carole! What is wrong with you?”, I exclaimed. (Carole is a lovely lady who has been coming to the shop longer than I have, and knows I was joking.)

“Well,” she said, “I just think they’re too dry.”

“That is terrible. I am telling your mother.” (Carole’s mother is one of those wonderful little old ladies that comes to the shop every Thursday to get her hair set for the week.)

The next day when Virginia came to the shop (yes, I was done with the perm by that time, thank you), I asked what was wrong with her daughter. She laughed and said “How much time have you got?”

6 thoughts on “Cupcake-ology

  1. But what I like even more is liver and onions!!! Mabye I could make liver cupcakes with onion frosting? Yum!

  2. trying to comment, but cat post wont allow it, so i do it here:

    love the video. i think those guys have been peeking through my windows at me and my three cats.

  3. Here’s an idea for the budding scanderhoooovian entrepreneur……Lutefisk/Potato Cupcakes!

    Worthy of their own little kiosk at the Mall of America!

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