The picture below may look a little unusual, but it’s really Tiger Lilly’s latest weapon in her ongoing war against the terrorist cows “Cow-spiracy”: Tactical Bovine Observation and Neutralization Equipment (T-BONE).

This specially designed vehicle lets Tiger Lilly infiltrate unobserved, eavesdrop on secret plans, unleash a devastating surprise attack and then make a speedy getaway quicker than the cattle can say “”

The factory rep brought this over for her to inspect. Channeling Christian Bale in “Batman Begins”, and thinking of the ninja cows, Tiger Lilly’s response was: “Does it come in black?”

4 thoughts on “Cownter-terrorism

  1. I’d think about putting some different tires on the thing; otherwise, she’ll be continually calling you to come tow her out of the pasture. (unless she’s to going to go look for herds in parking lots)

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