Working on those Night Memes…

After three years of doing this blog thing I don’t know that there are six little known facts about me left undisclosed, but I’ll see what I can do with the meme that Jroosh tagged me with.

Six Little Known Facts About Me:
1. I hate most vegetables, especially green beans, beets and brussel sprouts. One time I was grievously deceived when I what I thought was a bowl of fried, diced potatoes was actually parsnips. I still shudder at the recollection.

2. I couldn’t wait to sign up for band in 6th grade because I really wanted to play the trumpet. Somehow or another I let the band instructor talk me into playing the tenor saxophone. Five years later I finally quit (probably about the time my parents finished paying the damn thing off).

3. As an adult I also took banjo lessons for awhile. I concluded that banjo players aren’t really as happy as they look.

4. The greatest days of my life were October 10, 1987; August 18, 1988 and February 10, 1994.

5. So far I have only discovered three games in which I have a natural aptitude: football, bumper pool and Trivial Pursuit. Now I’m too old to play football, I haven’t seen a bumper pool table in 35 years, and no one who knows me will play Trivial Pursuit with me anymore.

6. I will turn 50 on Thursday, April 3. Coincidentally, this “little known fact” also lines up with Trivia Night at Keegan’s, which I will be attending. Show up and see if an old dog has learned any new tricks.

9 thoughts on “Working on those Night Memes…

  1. You have GOT to try the Deep-Fried Green Beans at Friday’s.

    Sadly, I will be in Milwaukee (I am sure you know what company is based there) on April 3rd so I will miss you at Keegan’s. Best to you (in advance).

  2. You don’t like vegetables!!!What kind of omnivore are you?? One day you must sample my homegrown parsnips fried in parmesan cheese by the cook at our abode…..sheer delight!!!

    I am fearful that you are too much like my second son.

    An older codger

  3. Somehow I will see that you get it.The real secret is to use parsnips that have remained in the ground all thru the winter….unfortunately my parsnips didn’t even germinate last spring so I nothing to dig up this spring……really sad:(OLD cODGER

  4. I’ll get the gardener right on that for next year. Unfortunately I normally just have to buy them at the grocers.

  5. I think there needs to be a little “Night Garden” this year. But I was thinking more salsa material plus herbs. I bet you Diva would be great at weeding!

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