Ok, you blog long enough and it’s going to be hard to keep secrets. A recent commenter on the “Who is this guy?” post finally put it all together and realized that Tiger Lilly and the Mall Diva have super powers. As a matter of fact, here’s a recent photo of the red-headed Tiger Lilly transforming into her superhero form in order to escort Ben and the Mall Diva home, or responding to a distress call about a ninja cow in the vicinity:

The Mall Diva’s powers are more subtle and include being able to teleport herself. I can’t tell you how many times lately I turn around and say, “Now where did she go?” (Don’t worry, Tiger Lilly has super tracking powers as well).

Naturally, they got their powers from me, as that earlier post also revealed that I am also a superhero, perhaps the result of a CIA experiment gone wrong. If you find that hard to believe, credit my brilliant fat-guy disguise. No sir, no stupid Clark Kent eye-glasses for me – I mean, really, who ever fell for that?

So, now you know.

11 thoughts on “Super(b)

  1. *radio static*

    We have a report of attacking ninja cows in the vicinity.

    TLHQ out

    *end static*

    Ninja cows?

    Bye, Mom! Bye, Dad! I’m off to save the world from evil cows (again).

  2. When I look at that picture I can’t help but think of hair metal bands. Turning into Bret Michaels as your superpower would be really disappointing. “Ooh, I’m a guy who wears lipstick!”

  3. You know, I really do think that cuteness is one of my superpowers… You could say I’m disarmingly cute!

  4. Tiger Lilly, what can you do to stop terrorist squirrels?

    Night Writer, you need to hang that beef for a while to let it age and tenderize. That’ll take the charcoal taste out of it a bit, too. :^)

  5. Hey, I forgot to do the mother thing. “Young lady, you’re not going anywhere till you clean your room.”

  6. BB:

    Mwahahahaha… you don’t want to know.


    Sorry about that… my Coldfire sword got a little whack-happy.

  7. So all this time I’ve spent trying to sneak MD a beer, when she could have just teleported herself to the nearest pub?? Wow….

    And I can’t believe that is actually TL. Whoever it is has a tattoo.

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