So dangerous you have to sign a waiver…

I heard Randy Moss’s local lawyer on KFAN last night and this morning describing the incident that led to a woman hurting her finger and then asking for $500,000 from Moss or she’d go public. According to the lawyer, Moss was at the woman’s house last weekend to watch a playoff game and after the game there was some “consensual horseplay” that led to the injured finger. There was no description of the finger injury.

Let’s see…playoff game, minor injury, $500,000. Okay, I’m getting a little nervous.

If a finger is worth $500,000, what might Ben demand after jumping up and hitting his head on my basement ceiling during last week’s Packer game?

(Bonus points for anyone – other than my kids – who knows what song that headline came from.)

4 thoughts on “So dangerous you have to sign a waiver…

  1. “One Week” by Barenaked Ladies. Where can use my bonus points? And if “Pull My Finger” is now worth $500,000, how do I contact Joel Friedberg?

  2. We actually make that chili quite often in the colder months (minus the wonderful tortillas) and, in your honor, call it “Chili John.”

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