The Night Hens & a Mystery Guest!

The NightHens are out for coffee at Overflow Espresso Coffee Cafe on University Ave. in St. Paul. We have with us a Mystery Guest (MG). Dun Dun Dunnnnnn.

RM: Ooooooh this tastes penuche-like.
MG: I don’t know about anyone else, but for me that was really ambiguous. It’s like saying “that tastes really glodfarbian”.

TL: So, “Mr. X.” Now people will think it’s one of mom’s exes.
RM: They don’t know I have exes. Besides, everyone has exes, except Mall Diva and you.
TL: Well I have one, remember in first grade?
RM: You were in love with that Merker kid. You wanted to marry him.
MD: Yeah, Charlie Merker. He had red hair.

MD: Do all your exes live in Texas?
RM: No, I think they all live here in the Twin Cities.
TL: Nice.

MD: I know, you can talk about what it takes to become a mystery guest on our blog.
You have to buy us all coffee.

MG: Let me say something.

RM: So, are you going to say something, or what?
MG: I’m just waiting for you to finish all your mollycoddling.
MD: Now everyone’s going to know who he is.
RM: Well, at least his parents will.

MG: So, anyway, I’ve been contrigued for months about this Night-Hens thing and I thought buying coffee would be a small price to pay. Plus I wanted to see who was doing the typing.

TL: Do you want me to type now?
RM: No.
TL: Well then, can I drool on your roll?
RM: No, but you can have a bite of it if that’s what will stop you.
MG: I think you won’t want to eat that, she’s been drooling on it for a few minutes now. There’s a large pool of…stuff…right on top of the penuche frosting.
RM: See, you knew it was the frosting.
MD: Mmm, extra frothy…

MG: (Staring into his coffee cup.) Ahhh yes, as I look into it’s umbery goodness.
RM: Umber is kind of a gold color. Can you tell the future if you look deep into your coffee?
MG: Uh, yes.

TL: Stay tuned for next week when the Night-Hens go to a strip club.

RM: Lets see if we can make the mystery guest cry.
MD: Nope, that’s all the time we have for today.

4 thoughts on “The Night Hens & a Mystery Guest!

  1. MG is a he….uses old world language such as “glodfarbian” (had to copy/paste to make sure I didn’t mispell the transcription)…and can predict the future by staring into the umbery goodness of his coffee.

    Is it Nostradamus?

  2. On a related note, I just bought some Earl Gray tea. Did you know that the English invented tea? Well they did. And hot diggity! It’s good. So back to the point. I was knitting that day. Did you know that wool boxers are distinctly uncomfortable, but they make a guy feel manly? It’s true. Much like everything I say or imply by the by.

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