Big winner

I joined the family (both immediate and MOB) at Keegan’s tonight for trivia night and the added attraction of the quarterly drawing for the trip for two to Boston. My team had won or finished in the money a few times in the last three months so I had a few entries in the beanpot. Since you have to be present to win I wanted to be sure to be on hand.

Tiger Lilly and the Reverend Mother were somewhat interested in the outcome, but the drawing time was past their bedtimes so they went home and left the Mall Diva and I to collect whatever winnings were to be had.

Finally the big moment came. After a bit of folderol from Marty as he drug out the suspense, the winning name was drawn: my friend, Dr. Jonz. Half-hearted cheers and groans filled the patio where most of the bloggers were gathered. In the hub-bub I suddenly heard my name called over the P.A. as well. “Hey, you won something!” someone said, so I went into the bar to see what second or third place might be worth. I saw Terry Keegan standing at the bar near where Dr. Jonz was collecting his loot so I went up to the proprietor and said, “I heard I won a trip to Duluth.”

“Not quite,” he said. “You won a trip to Fargo.”


“Actually, you won two weeks in Fargo.”

“You have to be present to win, right?”


“Tell them you didn’t see me.”

As it turned out, my prize was a handsome necktie advertising Sam Adams Light that will be perfect for wearing to church, which is about the only place I wear a tie anymore. I went back out to the table where the Mall Diva and the rest of the group were waiting to see my prize. MD took it from me so she could inspect it more closely. After a few minutes she handed it back to me.

“Happy Father’s Day, Poppi!”

Eat your hearts out.

One thought on “Big winner

  1. I had to miss the festivities (I am in the OTHER “sin city,” Washington DC. However, I was informed by a VERY reliable source that the Mall Diva was PARTICULARLY fetching sporting a new haircut.

    I am of course devastated to have missed it. If only the feeling were mutual…

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