Time for Reid to cut and run?

Senate halts Iraq pullout, cash cutoff
By S.A. Miller
May 17, 2007

The Senate yesterday overwhelmingly rejected a bid to pull out troops from Iraq and cut off funds for combat, a bruising defeat for Majority Leader Harry Reid that highlights the Democratic split over how far to go in opposing the war.

The amendment, which was co-sponsored by Mr. Reid, Nevada Democrat, died in a 67-29 procedural vote, with 47 Republicans, 19 Democrats and one independent blocking the plan to start a troop withdrawal in 120 days and cut off funds March 31 to most military operations in Iraq.

“We don’t want to send the message to the troops” that they lost the backing of Congress, said Sen. Carl Levin of Michigan, chairman of the Armed Services Committee and one of several key Democrats to defect. “We’re going to support those troops.”

Only 29 votes to cut-off funding and withdraw from Iraq? And didn’t the latest polls show the approval rating of the Democratic-controlled Congress at 29% – even lower than the approval rating for George Bush?

Senator Reid, it is time to admit that the rebels have won, whether they be insurgents, resurgents or those just plain looking for detergents to protect their election chances. Oh, I know you were led to believe that the Congress would welcome you with hearts and flowers when you you thought you had accomplished your mission after the 2006 elections, but you have squandered your technical, numerical and moral superiority. In fact, sir, it has clearly become a quagmire of your own devising. It is time for you to support our troops by withdrawing from your failed policies.

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