Chat room

We (Rev. Mother, MD, and Tiger Lilly) have decided to live co-blog.
RM: Do you have any chocolate left?
MD: None that you can have.
RM: Why am I asking you? I got chocolate for Mother’s Day!
MD: Do you have any chocolate that I can have?
RM takes computer because she types faster than the other two put together.
MD: I need to paint my nails.
RM: Why?
MD: Cause they’re naked.
MD: You have a fleur de lis on your butt.
TL: Thanks.
MD: Look, my legs are the same color as the sheet.
TL: You have to put exclamation points there.
RM: No I don’t.
TL: Yes, you do.
RM: Hey! No co-typing.
MD: So today we were going to go to Target and buy a wading pool. One of those little toddler pools.
TL: Yeah, it was so hot.
DM: But we didn’t, it was kind of anticlimactic.
MD leaves the chat room to go wash her hands so she can paint her nails.
MD: I’m back, what color? Tropical Punch. ChaChing Cherry. Las Vegas Strip Poker. (RM looks askance) Taupe-less Showgirls. Opus in Amber. Symphony in Gold. Malaysian Mist. Dinner for Two. Love Letter. Osaka to me Orange. Arctic Glacier. Vintage. I’m not Really a Waitress. Mrs. O’Leary’s Barbecue. And Plum.
General laughter.
MD: What do you think?
RM: mmmm, what are you going to wear?
MD: I don’t know.
RM: That red one, that shiny red one.
MD: I just did that one.
RM: Don’t do orange, it’s ugly.
TL & MD: It is not!
MD: It goes with my shirt.
MD: How about Tropical Punch. It’s pretty, it’s summery.
TL: Can you drink it?
MD: No, but you can try.
MD: I bet Dad never asks us to blog again.
TL: More like never lets us.
OHHHH, we should talk about Judy who’s getting married in the salon.
TL: What about her?
MD: Uh..she’s getting married in the salon
MD: Are you going to ask me some questions so it’s more like a discussion, instead of a monologue?
RM: Where’s the reception?
MD: At the salon. I get to be the cake server!
RM: That sounds like a very inexpensive way to get married. I mean, she’s not paying any rental on the ‘hall’ right?
MD: Not that I know of.
TL: She’s crazy.
MD: Yeah, she kind of is. No, she’s eccentric.
RM: I think you should consider getting married there.
MD: I’d get the employee discount! Her wedding’s on Saturday.
RM: How old is she?
MD: In her early sixties. This is her second marriage.
RM: How old is the groom?
MD: I think they’re about the same age. It was his idea.
RM: Really?
MD: Yeah, Judy and Frank were out to dinner with Judy’s friend Evelyn, and they were talking about where they could get married on short notice, and Frank said, “Why not the beauty shop”?
RM: So, I assume they’re not having a sit down dinner.
MD: No, champaigne and cake and choc. dipped strawberries. The shampoo bowls are going to be filled with ice and they are going to be the coolers for the champaigne bottles. And my boss bought 30 yards of tulle to hang from the ceiling and drape everywhere. We’re also going to have entertainment.
TL: So, are you going to be the entertainment?
MD: Not this time.
RM: What’s the entertainment?
MD: It’s this lady who the bride knows who’s a professional jazz singer and she’s bringing along a piano player.
RM: And a piano?
MD: Yeah.
TL: I think my bruise is fading.
RM: Do you want us to fix that for you?
TL: Not really.
RM: I’m hungry.
MD: Yeah, me too, I want ice cream.
TL: Let’s go to DQ.
RM: No.
MD: I want cake.
MD: And how much did you pay for the rock and roll t-shirt/that proves you were there, that you heard of them first?
RM looks confused
MD: That’s cake.
TL: Cake should be capitalized in that area.
RM: You’re right.
RM leaves the room to get a snack.

MD: Well, that was fun. Join us next time for the wild and crazy randomness of the Night-Women.

TL: Ciao for now!


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32 thoughts on “Chat room

  1. You might want to retool the name “Night-Women” though. Otherwise someone is bound to confuse the name with your profession.

  2. Our stories are definitely more applicable and relatable than the The View’s, huh?

    What do you suggest, Kevi?? Our name is already better than oh, say, Ladies of the Night.

  3. “Rev and the Progeny”, “NW’s Better Three Quarters”, “the Von Stewart Family Singers”, “the Nightwriter Auxiliary Pack” are all possibilities, but my favorite is “The Ladies”. Nice and simple.

  4. You’re unavailable too???!??

    This little event wasn’t cleared with me!! NW did you approve this one???

    Sorry TL, but neither you nor MD have obtained the necessary approval to claim such a status.

  5. What! Kevi-Wevi, you don’t think that we’re unavailable just for the simple fact that we’re the Nightwriter’s daughters?

    Have you read this blog before??

  6. Kevi-wevi, as long as I’m under-age, I’m not available, and I wouldn’t tell you if I was, considering you want to decapitate the first boyfriend.

  7. I was pretty sure NW had declared you both offlimits to anything male until you were at least 63.

    But TL has the right idea here.


  8. *Sigh* There she goes again. Milking her birthday for all it’s worth 3 MONTHS before it’s going to come.

  9. Alas good Reverend, you are not 28. You are only 23. Well, your comment at any rate. If you thought it was ridiculous for this thing to get to 13, then you must flabbergasted by now. Tell your husband to post something interesting or this could get out of control.

  10. {hushed silence} Upon completion of this comment the Reverend Mother will have the opportunity to snag the all important 28th comment. But will she notice before someone else pounces? Will she be 28 again? Only time will tell.

  11. Howdy! I’m stopping by for the first time, just to say hi! Hey, if I chat here, will I be 28 again? The mind boggles.

    Be well, write good stuff.

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