Hey Thirteen

Breaking news…

There’s about to be another teenager in the world as Tiger Lilly turns 13 on Saturday.

Who knows what she’ll do next, but age has never been much of a hindrance to her. She’s a blue belt in Tae Kwan Do and on the demonstration team for her dojo, has tested at college levels on her SATs, has a couple of works of fiction she’s writing (and keeping under wraps so far) and is the star pupil at the Stewart Academy for Girls. She’s also already been to China on one missions trip and is scheduled to go to Romania this summer on another, this time without a parent. Oh, and she’s a blogger (visit the Tiger Lilly link in the right sidebar)!

There appears to be little left for her to accomplish, but I’m sure she’ll think of something. Happy birthday, Sweetie!

13 thoughts on “Hey Thirteen

  1. I’ll take a stab at your question. He means that teenagers are cranky know-it-alls who think that everybody else, especially their parents, don’t understand anything. Hence your dad’s IQ just dropped. If you’re smart, which you are, you’ll continue to show them respect and realize that there are good reasons for what they do.

  2. Happy Lucky 13, TL! I remember very little from my teenaged years (mercifully) but I do remember 13 as being full of the possibility and very little of the anxiety of youth. Enjoy!

  3. Uncle Ben is wise. But TL, I was just teasing your Pop. I certainly don’t think you are a cranky know-it-all. From the little I’ve seen of you, you seem like a terrific person.

  4. Happy Birthday, Tiger Lilly!

    Night Writer, in a few years I’ll be asking your advice for surviving in a house with multiple teenage girls.

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