Mall Diva- Missing in Action

Hey guess what you guys? I was MIA since dinnertime and I didn’t even know it! I mean, I knew where I was and I told the parental units where I was going to be, so I thought it was all good. I guess it was just another one of those “Oh dang it, I forgot!” moments.

The plan was for me to go from work to a friend’s house to do hair and they would feed me and we’d watch American Idol. First episode I’ve seen in a long time.

I was expecting a call from an old beauty school friend, but I had put my phone on silent. I wasn’t surprised when my phone showed that I had messages. But I was surprisd when I listened to them! “Faith, this is your mother. Where ARE YOU??” After that were messages from my friends that my parents had alerted to my “disappearance”. Oh, and I never did get the message I was actually expecting.

So anyway, I’m obviously not missing and everything is fine, but I really don’t know whether to feel extremely loved or a little bit paranoid about the fact that I can’t be gone for a couple hours before they send out a search party.

There’s your most exciting blog o’ the day!

One thought on “Mall Diva- Missing in Action

  1. Nasty roads and random maniacs – what’s not to worry? As the officially designated search party (who did, indeed, go out), I’d like to say there never was a chance for a “Dang it, I forgot” moment because I was never informed of the evening’s itinerary in the first place.

    A classic example of why I insist on good cell phone discipline for the Night women(keeping it on and with you whenever you’re out).

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