“Miscarriage” of justice

Driving home last night I was listening to Jason Lewis on KTLK-FM when the news came on. One of the stories involved Dino Scott, the Maplewood man who beat his pregnant girlfriend so severely that she miscarried her 12-week old fetus (the attack was recorded by an elevator security camera – a camera that Scott had “flipped off” before starting the attack). The story reported that in addition to assault on his girlfriend, Scott was also being charged second degree murder of an unborn child under Minnesota law.

I was already familiar with the story so I was only half-listening as my thoughts turned to the apparent premeditation of the attack and whether Scott’s intent all along had been to kill the baby. Suddenly the newscast included a comment from a NARAL spokesperson criticizing the fetal homicide charge and, I believe, describing it as an “injustice”. I wasn’t immediately focused on the broadcast so it is difficult to remember it word for word, but I’ve been Googling “Dino Scott,” “NARAL”, “Minnesota” and “fetal homicide law” to see if I can find a text version of what I heard or some other statement from NARAL on this specific case. (Nothing so far, but I’ll keep trying).

I have to admit to being a bit shocked at the statement; not so much that NARAL was taking that position, but that one of their spokespeople would be willing to voice that opinion in connection with such a heinous case (read the details here). I can’t imagine that anyone would want to attach themselves or their cause to such a sleazeball. If NARAL wants to make Dino Scott their “poster child” for fighting Minnesota’s fetal homicide law, however, then my response is, “Bring it.”

Any injustice in this case — indeed, a miscarriage of justice — is at the expense of the little child who died. That child was at 12 weeks gestation; the photos below are 4D (three-dimensional plus movement) ultrasound scans of an 8-week (left) and 10-week (right)old fetuses.

One thought on ““Miscarriage” of justice

  1. if your interested in this case; i can definitely let you know more.

    i too have been googling dino’s name, as i’ve known dino for almost five years now- three in which we were seeing eachother-

    dino scott and namrata ceisel were both with me two days prior to the assault, and namrata, although pregnant, and much aware of it, was smoking marijuana. in no way was dino’s intent on harming the fetus- the two already have a six month year old together named brent.

    the investigators aren’t too much interested in the fact that the miscarriage could have occured prior to the attack- she didn’t miscarry until ten hours after the beating- instead they’re focus is on making him their publicity figure to communicate this law.

    anyway i’d like to hear from you. feel free to give me an email at cassie_beckstrom@mcad.edu or call me.

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