From dusk ’til dawn

Apparently we stand at the dawn of a new era, an era of peace and fellowship, free from the “culture of corruption,” heading to a brave new world.

A brave new world, perhaps, but one with some familiar old faces. George McGovern. Dan Rather. Daniel Ortega. Hillary-Care.

“Health care is coming back,” Clinton warned, adding, “It may be a bad dream for some.”

Heck, even Jack Murtha’s old Abscam tapes are making a comeback (wielded by members of his own party!). I wonder if Sandy Berger is in charge of returning those to the library when the Dems are done with them?

My goodness, with all this recycling, what’s next: a 21% prime rate and the Misery Index?

Well, far be it from me to ignore a trend. Here’s an excerpt from an oldie I posted back in the day when a certain national party had suffered another devastating political loss and was tasering itself over what went wrong and how to to repackage itself:

Not surprisingly, some of those out of power have been trying to repackage their memes in “value” oriented terms, confident (or at least hopeful) that their recent failures were merely a matter of poor communication and not a faulty philosophy. Others on that side, however, shout “Theocracy, booga booga!” as if this were a nation of vampires horrified at the sight of a crucifix. Yet their own One True Faith compels them to react to judicial nominees in the same way the Taliban greeted reliefs of Buddha.

Or perhaps these are the vampires, fleeing the dawn and being cornered in a crypt – be it the Senate Cloak Room or the faculty lounge at a University. Hissing at the rabble that have pursued them, they draw themselves up in as fierce a manner as can be mustered to demand imperiously that no one touch that window shade.

They know the day must have its turn, but if they can hold out long enough then night, too, will again have its way.

It’s interesting that most of the Democrats that won election last week did so by running toward the middle, yet those aren’t the voices in victory that we’re hearing. Instead it’s the vampires who have returned, and all because the people who held the stake poised over these undead hearts on our behalf turned away because they were afraid of getting splinters.

Did I say earlier that we stood at the dawn of a new era? Perhaps I was wrong; for a few moments dusk and dawn can look a lot alike so you have to wait a few minutes to see if it’s getting lighter or darker. In the meantime, however, I suggest you watch your neck.

One thought on “From dusk ’til dawn

  1. The left is trying to work fast, because if they don’t come up with something within 2 years, the Congress goes right back to the right, and the President will be a Republican. I’m not too worried, they have a tendency to point their rifles at their feet and pull the trigger.

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