Sunday with the Guys

If you know anything about my family, you know that male-famale ratio is pretty low. As in one to four. Well, if you include the animals, its three to five, but we don’t. What I’m saying is that it’s usually pretty estrogenetic around here. (Did I just make up a new word?)

So on Sunday Benny and one of my Poppi’s old buddies came over to do manly things like hang out in the scary basement to watch the Vikings-Packers game and eat chili spicy enough to make them have to blow their noses every 4 and a half minutes. (After the kleenex were all used up there were brownies, but that’s not too manly, so don’t tell.) I know because I hung out in the scary basement, too; eating the spicy chili (though my nose didn’t run) and dozing through the football game. It was hard sometimes, though, because of the yelling. Packer fans can be rather boisterous. And so help me, Ben, if you throw that pillow at me again I’ll defenestrate you.

After a while, I felt like I was being resented. My dad told me I was cramping their style, and that if I wasn’t down there, they’d be lighting farts and whatnot. I told them that if they wanted me to leave, to just say so; but then I was begged to stay. I guess I’m not the only one that feels that fart-lighting isn’t manly, it’s just gross.

After that, there was dance-dancing, where I was almost taken out by a stray flying fist; and then “V for Vendetta”. The movie was interesting, I’ll give it that.

Whooaaa…too much testosterone! It’s going to take the four of us women several chick-flicks to get the basement back to normal. Where’s my “You’ve Got Mail”?

10 thoughts on “Sunday with the Guys

  1. I should have brought a few guns over. Of course, then there would have been a tremendous implosion as all that testosterone collapsed under it’s own gravity.

  2. Oh, and just what is the appropriate plural form of “kleenex?”

    A) kleenex

    2) kleenexes

    iii) kleenices

    … or ??? Maybe a poll is in order.

  3. You used Kleenex? I was just using my shirt. And it wasn’t the chili it was that infernal cat. What’s its name again? Dander? 😉

    Sure we were boisterous. Doesn’t everybody get up and yell when Brad Johnson gets smacked upside the head? Plus we were winning. That’s why I was throwing pillows, to celebrate. And if you want to defenestrate me you’d better buy some Haggar slacks.

  4. If Night-Writer was doing that dance-dancing stuff, please let us know what hospital he’s in today and where we should send the get-well cards. I think that’s the same thing my kids have, is it a PS2 dance thingy.

  5. No kingdavid, NW knows his limits and stepping on to the dance pad crosses them with room to spare. He just quietly lit his “toots” in the corner.

  6. I have to keep my knees in shape for bouncing the would-be boyfriends out of the house, and the dance-dance game (xbox version) aggravates the joint something fierce. Btw, the Haggar flexible waistband is handy for more than just bending and twisting.

  7. You guys are crazy. And Benny, you weren’t just throwing pillows around, you were chucking them at me on purpose! Celebrating? You’re insane.

    And I’m pretty sure they don’t make Haggar pants in my size.

  8. No, on second thought I think the Haggar pants might be a bit baggy on you. And yes, I admit it. I was chucking the pillows at you. But there they were gently chucked.

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