An inside look at a sophisticated marketing program

Some of you may be aware of a raging controversy over at the Hammerswing 75 blog regarding what to call those knitted things the Mall Diva wears over her wrists and palms (but not her fingers). MD calls them wrist sweaters, which some find outrageous, and others, insidious. (Read the comments at the link for details, and vote here to register your choice).

Some, however, think they are a great fashion accessory, as well as being practical, no matter what they are called. The ever-entrepreneurial Kingdavid , however, wanted to know how I, as a marketing guru, would package this great new product. Since he’s thrown down the gauntlet, so to speak, I’ll share a few details here.

What you need to do today in these times of diffused media is build product awareness through so-called “viral” methods. You can’t use one-way broadcast bombardments any more in the hopes of beating down people’s defenses or ambivalence. You need to use the so-called viral network marketing. For example, find a young, charismatic trend-setter that people naturally want to emulate, and position that person in a niche market that is still well connected. Then, with a few strategic moves you generate a mini-controversy to generate additional buzz; with any luck you’ll get a poll going, leading to more strong feelings.

I love it when a plan comes together.

8 thoughts on “An inside look at a sophisticated marketing program

  1. You’re the expert. I still have no idea what viral network marketing would entail; but I envision a visual ad campaign with a beautiful young trend-setter, i.e. Mall Diva, wearing them in locations such as a trendy restaurant or hip store (to show their classiness), and have her picking her nose, (to show their practicality). Then, to get the controversy going, we could distribute pictures of her finger wagging at Uncle Ben in a derisive manner.

  2. Sure, I’ll be the super-gorgeous wrist sweater model, but there are other ways to show practicality you know… I mean, if your demographic is classy young women, do you really think they’re going to be drawn in by nose picking? I’m sure guys, on the other hand, would buy them expressly for that reason.

    A much better marketing ploy for the ladies, however, would be showing how expediently they could dig in their purse or wallet while shopping by not have to keep pulling gloves on and off. Or how easily they could apply make-up in the car when its cold outside.

    The possibilities are endless!

  3. I have another idea. Have you ever seen anyone bowling with gloves on? No, of course not. Begloved fingers do not fit into the holes. But with wrist sweaters the impossible becomes possible. It’s like sweet liberation from the shackles of low expectations.

  4. Come now MD, you CAN’T be the super-gorgeous wrist sweater model. The size 0/1 models on the catwalks are damaging the ever so fragile self esteem of America’s female populace (on the other hand, the male populace has absolutely no problem with size 0/1 models, but that’s a different blog…). You’ll risk alienating a vast segment of the market! Do you really want to take that chance? Now, I’ve got a “sturdy” young lady driving my third truck that might be interested in some moonlighting…

    And I don’t know if I’m hip to the idea of “liberation from the shackles of low expectations”. I have a reputation that I strive to live down to. Nose picking, bowling and competitive farting are all things I’ve been known to participate. In today’s market, being low-brow and making a fashion statement could actually work.

  5. I love that you think I’m a size o/1. It makes me laugh.

    No worries, though, I wouldn’t be alienating anyone! I can still be the super-gorgeous model.

  6. When they were first in vogue (in the early 80’s), the people I knew who wore them called them keg gloves. They made it easier to hold the beer and cigarette in the same hand while still keeping your hand from getting quite as cold (or the beer quite as warm) as it would if it were completely uncovered.

    The viral idea is a good one, but it works better if you can get a celebrity to adopt them and wear them at a public appearance. Maybe the next time Strom is on “At Issue”…???

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