All things are possible

Pardon me if I stay on the subject of sports and metaphysics for one more post, but there are tips of the ball cap to be divvied out here on the day after the Minnesota Twins clinched a play-off spot, despite being 25-33 on June 7 (a date that will live in infamy, and which you’ve already heard about over and over). As much as I believed in faith and hope back when spring training began (and berated Patrick Reusse for writing the team off before camp even opened), these guys stunk in April and May and barely showed a glimmer of hope worthy of saying “wait ’til next year”, let alone any inkling of what was to come. For them to come back from the dead, even winning 19 of 20 games at one point, is a minor (but major league) miracle.

While it has been fun to watch them come together and play with spirit and joy, the experience has been all the more pleasureable because this summer I’ve been able to turn to Batgirl for her take on each game. Spirit and joy are just the starting point for her and her assorted contributors, and they are always taking the extra base when it comes to humor and drama. I’ve laughed. I’ve cried. I’ve wet my pants. She’s introduced me to the BOD (Boyfriend of the Day), the Doctor (Justin Morneau), Chairman Mauer, El Presidente (Johan Santana), Sweetcheeks (Torii Hunter), Naked Batting Practice (Mike Redmond) and Little Nicky Punto. As much as I want to celebrate the Twins’ accomplishment, today it is only fitting to hand you over to the one who never doubted. Enjoy and savor this moment with her!

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