Family night at Keegan’s

Time for a “Night” out: Mall Diva, Tiger Lilly, the Reverend Mother, myself and possibly the Revered Mother-in-Law will dine and compete at Keegan’s this evening.

I’m thinking of making the Mall Diva pay since she just got a 13% raise after less than a week on her new job!

9 thoughts on “Family night at Keegan’s

  1. Yeah, isn’t the Mall Diva happy to pay for a better Night House? I mean, the fortunate among us ought to be glad to help the rest of us!

    Wish I could make it, but I’m spinning a lot of plates right now. Metaphorically, of course.

  2. Let me guess…she is part of a union?

    Nightwriter you and Rev. Mother have quite a decision to make now. I mean studies have shown it can take up to a quarter million dollars to raise a child these days. So you must consider the questions….was that quarter million a gift or a loan??

    Good luck MD!!!

  3. Let’s see, we’re presently up to $249,912 – with just less than a month to go until her 18th birthday. Wait, I’m not sure if that reflects her trip to the dentist last week.

    Re the job: no union, pure meritocracy. Her first week on the job at the salon was so impressive her boss bumped her another buck an hour.

  4. Felicitations Diva! I was over in Northeast and very nearly stopped by on the sly for a cigar, but my sister talked some sense into me. I’ll see you all in a couple of weeks.

  5. Benny Wenny!!! Dang! I understand how you wouldn’t want to come, but it would’ve been good to see you.

    I guess we’ll just have to wait.

  6. If I only had any hair. I work very close to Roseville. I could’ve stopped by. I guess the Lord works in mysterious ways, and I am not suppose to support your chosen profession.

    Sorry and congrats all in one!

  7. Thanks, triple-a!

    If your luck changes and you suddenly grow some hair and want to chop it off or color it, feel free to drop by.

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