Things that go “Huh?” in the Night

Bogus Doug is traveling with his family, including sharing a hotel room with his kids. Having just completed a long trip that included many nights where my wife and I shared a room with our kids, I have learned some interesting things. Such as:

1. Tiger Lilly growls in her sleep. (Really! It was “Grrrrrr” – breathe – “Grrrr” – breathe – “Grrrr”; kind of scary actually, especially since a remake of “The Omen” is out now).

2. The Mall Diva talks in her sleep. And I mean really talks: fully formed sentences, each word clearly enunciated. The statements are completely off the wall, of course, but I guess it’s harmless as long as she doesn’t start using her cell phone in her sleep as well.

Actually, we’ve known about this Diva trait for some time, ever since she was about five years old and got to sleep in the big bed with my wife once while I was out of town. Everything was fine until about 4:00 in the morning when my little one suddenly said, very matter-of-factly, “I need $9,000.”

Needless to say, my wife did NOT go back to sleep after that one.

9 thoughts on “Things that go “Huh?” in the Night

  1. Heh…

    I remember when I was a 7-year old kid camping with my parents and my family… My parents told me that I was dreaming that I was playing Tripoly, and that I exclaimed, “I have the eight, nine, ten, Jack, King, and Queen of hearts!”

  2. An ex-gf of mine used to talk in her sleep as well. Once again fully formed sentences. We once even had a fight while I was awake and she was asleep.

    Eventually, I got to the point where I just ignored it. But that eventually came back to bite me as apparently one night she tried telling me something, but I thought she was sleep-talking and ignored it. I forget where I slept the rest of that night.

    The point of the story is….if you know you talk in your sleep at least warn other people….and be understanding of their resulting confusion.

  3. Hilarious!

    I’m a sleep talker, too, and, like the Mall Diva, have been ever since I was little.

    One night several years ago, I came home to about a hundred voice mail messages from a girlfriend of mine, “Where ARE you?” Apparently, she had invited me, a guy she wanted to set me up with and two other couples (added to make the evening more comfortable for me and my blind date) to a dinner party, had spent the entire day cooking an elaborate meal and planning all sorts of games and activities. She was certain she’d found me “The One,” and wanted the evening to be perfect. The entire group had waited for three hours for me to arrive before giving up.

    I had absolutely no recollection of her invitation, as it occurred when her phone call caught me in a deep sleep a few nights earlier. I never did meet the poor sap I stood up.

    Kevin’s advice is perfect, be sure and pass it on to the Mall Diva lest she never meet the man of her dreams due to a sleep-talking snafu.

  4. It might be easier for her to meet the man of her dreams if she’s quite yapping through them all! 🙂

    hmmmm, MD is gonna hit me again isn’t she?

  5. I *always* warn people that I talk in my sleep. I once told my cousin I was going to go to Cafe Latte. She thought it was funny.

    Oh Kevy-weeeevyyyyy….

  6. Heh, now we’ve talked about that already. You have not earned the right to call me Kevy-weevy or whatever.

  7. Oh, so it’s a right, now? Seems to me as if you haven’t earned the right not to be called it. heeheehee!

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