There goes my street cred

“I don’t care if Ned Flanders is the nicest guy in the world. He’s a jerk — end of story.”

— Homer Simpson

Marty Andrade has been offering one paragraph “Who are these people?” descriptions of the blogs on his blogroll (actually, Marty calls this feature something else, but I try not to use that kind of language here). Yesterday the spotlight turned to me:

I think John is the least evil man ever. A family man, a right honorable person who just isn’t evil. He does a good blog, he’s almost the Ned Flanders of the blogosphere. That’s all I could think of. It’s weird, whenever I read his blog (which again, is excellent) all I can think about is how completely not evil the man is. I don’t know if that’s an endorsement or not…

Hey, I can be evil! I can! Just this morning I left some stray beard hairs in the bathroom sink. Bwa-ha-ha! My wife told me to clean them up, and you know what I said? Huh? Well, I didn’t really say anything. I just went in there and cleaned them up — but I didn’t say I was sorry, either! Ha! Also, I mock our cat mercilessly. Mercilessly, I tell you, until I make him cry! And Jeff Kouba at Peace Like a River is always saying I’m evil! I’ve even waved bloody knives at the Mall Diva’s prospective suitors! And next week I’m … oops, mustn’t say too much … the world will just have to wait and see!

7 thoughts on “There goes my street cred

  1. Okay, if you can’t even use the pejorative term for the infernal regions in your blog, then I was completely right. You’re Ned Flanders, so go okaley dokaley somewhere else…

    I guess you’re being not evil on your blog, so I should be the one to go somewhere else…


  2. Awww, Marty, you can stay! I was just funning by not writing that H-E-double-toothpicks word in my post. You know I couldn’t be mad at you. Here – here’s your own can of spraypaint for the header!

  3. (And I was just trying to help. I won’t tell them about the time I saw you care for an injured puppy while at the same time helping an old lady across the street.)

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