Mall Diva, the early years: making a little girl cry

More snow during the morning rush hour today, but I’ve got my laptop and everything I need to work at home so I’m not going to bother with the commute. I’m working away on our new ad campaign (now I get the big bucks not for writing the ads but ripping apart someone else’s work) when it occurs to me that the Mall Diva is scheduled to work today at the mall — and hates to drive in snowstorms. I ask if she wants me to drive, like we attempted to do Monday, and I get one of those “Oh, Daddy, my hero” responses. When the time comes we set off, but now Tiger Lilly has realized this is a great opportunity to get that second set of ear piercings her mother said she could have when she was 12, so she came along.

This piercing was uneventful (at least from my perspective; Tiger Lilly might have her own take on it here later). A lot of what I’ve posted this week has come about because I’ve been reminded of things, but maybe that’s what starts to happen when you get to be my age. Today’s piercing reminded me of when the Diva’s big request for her 4th birthday was to get her ears pierced like all of her friends. I thought I’d previously scared her out of it, but she had rallied and her mom (who doesn’t have pierced ears) and I figured it was no big deal, so off we went.

5 thoughts on “Mall Diva, the early years: making a little girl cry

  1. Yeah, that’s right, fuzzball. Laugh it up.

    Don’t worry, you’ll get yours when you least expect it.

  2. Yes, we all know that piercings are a gateway act. This will surely end in ruin.

    ….so could you guys hurry it up? There’s a movie on TV I want to catch.

    *sits down with popcorn*

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