Face to interface

It’s a quiet evening around the Night cabin. The Mall Diva is out, which explains part of it, but I’ve just recognized another phenomenon.

I am blogging from my laptop in our living room. My wife has a Macintosh set up in the dining room and is working on a freelance design project. Downstairs Tiger Lilly is kicking animated butt on the PC. We’ve never had three computers in the house before, let alone three operating at the same time. Little House on the Prairie, it is not.

Ahh, but wafting from the kitchen is the smell of home-made bread baking, and I’ve finished the milking of this post.

12 thoughts on “Face to interface

  1. At least it sounds like you’ve not given up the art of conversation and are sending instant messages around the house.

  2. Nah, I think they have “Family Chatroom Night” where they all sit in the same Yahoo! chatroom and have a family meeting.

    Works out well for Mall Diva and Tiger Lilly since even if they were grounded for 2 weeks, that’s like 17 seconds in Internet time.

  3. In other news, the sky is purple, Bill Gates is America’s most notorious panhandler, Michael Moore is a insightful and wise philospher, and France is a country to be admired.

    Psst. MD, do a google search on “Washinton Lie Cherry Tree”.

  4. Heh, I was a kid once…mentally I still am. So, I’ll be blunt.

    How much trouble do you think she’ll LET you find out about?


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