I’m Only Working Here ’til I Get Discovered

I work at a store that sells formal dresses; and yes, it is located in a mall. While working Saturday, I had my .15 sec brush with fame.

A TV network began filming this show called “Instant Beauty Pageant” today. The idea was that a camera crew would go around the mall and ambush people to be in this pageant, give them money and send them to certain stores in search of a dress, swimsuit, whatever. They would only have two and a half hours to find everything, and the actual pageant would be the next day.

All the girls I work with and I knew that this was going to take place, and we thought we we’re ready. We weren’t.

I was straightening dresses, and I turned around and BOOM! there they were. A couple of girls and a camera crew (like, three cameras) were invading my space. Being camera-shy, I retreated to a corner of the store I reckoned they wouldn’t really be interested in, but nooOOoo, they came right at me with all the cameras pointed at my face, which I’m sure looked exactly like a deer’s, caught in the headlights.

After they left (just as quickly as they came, actually), we all took a deep breath and tried to calm ourselves. I told them that we were going to be discovered, and that they would want me to be in a horror movie for them, because I’m so good at facial expressions. Scary Movie: DiVa, anyone?

14 thoughts on “I’m Only Working Here ’til I Get Discovered

  1. Actually I think you’d be good in a horror film. As the axe-wielding psycho killer….just think of Uncle Ben for motivation.

  2. Chainsaws are acceptable for auditions so long as you are using ethanol. Oh, let me know when your audition is so that I can lock by doors and by a shotgun. I would just ask to borrow Kevin’s, but he’d probably give me blanks.

  3. That’s good to know. Can I borrow a shotgun? I don’t really need it unless some crazy comes after me with a chainsaw, but it’s best to be safe.

  4. Why would Kevin let you borrow any gun?

    I let him off the hook, but aiding the enemy would be grounds for…re..hooking? Yeah.

  5. 12 Things Meme

    Harvey of Bad Example (my drunken blog-uncle-in-law-eight-times-removed) has seen fit to force another meme on me. This one is apparently entitled “12 Things Meme” which is awfully clever considering it has 12 questions…which may or may not be a coincidence….

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