Some things you’ve been waiting for

A couple of fun new things have hit the blogosphere in the last two days.

The biggest news, I think, is the arrival of Intellectual Takeout, a site created by the Center for the American Experiment primarily to equip or familiarize college students with conservative principals. The site features articles on a wide variety of topics and grouped under headings such as Cultural Studies, Foundations of Liberty, Economics, etc.

It is clear that a lack of intellectual diversity on our college campuses is an ongoing problem, but the majority of students lack the tools needed to confront this imbalance or are just afraid to stand up and challenge the people who hand out their grades.

That’s why, a project of Center of the American Experiment’s FACT: Foundations for Active Conservative Thinking program, is designed to help students respond to the ideological imbalance on their campuses.

This groundbreaking website provides students with quick access to a menu of ideas on a number of topics including Cultural Studies, Economics, Education, Environmental Studies, Foundations of Liberty, History, and Political Science. The website also connects students with other like-minded students and alumni, and can even assist them in job searches. is not about trying to indoctrinate students to the conservative point of view. It is about exposing students to thoughts and ideas that are not readily available in college classrooms and about spurring honest and open debate on campus.

Check it out and be sure to pass the word to high school and college students you know. You can be sure to get their attention by telling them it’s something the system “doesn’t want them to know.”

The other new item is Google’s new blog-only search engine. Although Google bought Blogger, the search engine delivers results for blogs based from other services. I had no trouble finding links to the MOB and others.

Oh, one last thing that you’ve been waiting for: I’ll be at Keegan’s tonight for trivia.

One thought on “Some things you’ve been waiting for

  1. I checked out Intellectual Takeout and got stuck there for an hour as I browsed through old professors and the ratings that current students are rendering. Also got a big surprise, an acquaintance of mine from high school is now an English prof at my alma mater. I should get back there for homecoming!

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