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A four-blog conglomeration clawed its way into a five-way tie for first place at Keegan’s Thursday night. Calling ourselves Ineffectual Takeout, Marty Andrade, Ben from Hammerswing 75, Dan from Northern Alliance Wannabe and yours truly made it into the crowded winner’s circle with a whopping 16 points. (Tough quiz, including three questions asking how old Bob Dylan, Ringo Starr and Richard Simmons are – and “real old” didn’t count).

Tiger Lilly couldn’t make it to trivia this week, so Marty had to take up the slack by contributing the crucial answer to one of the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory questions – without satisfactorily answering how he happened to know that answer. Maybe a caller to his radio program this week can ask him again.

2 thoughts on “Back on top

  1. Dang…now I wish I could have stayed!!! Although, the only question I knew up to the point that I left was the Supreme Court question.

  2. NW, I got home last night and worked up a post describing the action and spent entirely too long getting the guinness image on my sidebar. When I started linking to the other members of Ineffectual Takeout it made smile widely that all of you had already posted and done a victory dance! Keegan’s has a free Glenn Fiddich for you. Enjoy it!

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