Rainy days and blog days always get me down.

Well, not really. I’m starting to get a rhythm to this blog thing, or at least a tempo I feel I can maintain while eating up the miles. But somedays my mental blogging jog somehow leaves the paths of scenic opportunity and insight and I find I’m in a dead-end alley with nothing to look at but trash and recycling. As the day drags on without something piquant and pithy to post the alley seems to get darker and narrower.

Ah, but then a timely glimmer of light such as this funny pamphlet, What Everyone Should Know About Blog Depression (HT: Sandy at The MAWB Squad). It’s a parody, I think, but as often happens, the parody reveals the truth. And the truth will make you free. I read it and realized that while I want to post every day, I don’t have to! It’s my blog! So I’m not going to post today! Hey, nonny, nonny!

Oh, I guess I already have. Oh well, I’m taking the next 7 or 8 hours off anyway, and I already feel refreshed!

Please don’t be disappointed, dear reader. For today’s amusement I heartily encourage you to read the very entertaining and provocative Gettysburg ghost-stories and commentary here and here. (HT: Amy Ridenour’s National Center Blog). Just the thing for a gloomy day!

See you tomorrow.

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