Both eyes open doesn’t help if your head is in your…

Today’s StarTribune features a commentary by David Brooks that highlights many positive societal changes since the early 90s that suggest America is becoming more virtuous. For example, family violence, violent crime, violence by teens, drunk driving fatalities, hard liquour consumption, teen pregnancy, abortions, the number of children living in poverty, divorce rates and teen suicide are all declining. It’s strange that I haven’t seen the front page headlines about these trends, but if the Strib let this story run then it must be true.

But wait, out of their commitment to providing fair and balanced perspective, the Strib’s editorial staff had to weigh in as well with an editorial entitled “Moral revival: Not with both eyes open”. After first calling our attention to Brooks’ column “on the opposite page” (um, oh yeah, the right hand page) they note, “With one eye open, he runs through a litany of good news.” This is followed by a flying “but”-monkey bigger than anything in the Wizard of Oz: “These are indeed wonderful trends to celebrate. And, as Brooks suggests, they are part of an improved climate of private virtue. But Brooks sees only half the picture. If he opened his other eye — his eye on public virtue — his claims of a clear moral revival would quickly blur.”

The editorial then launches into a series of rhetorical questions, which means they weren’t really expecting responses (easy to do when you’re a one-way medium). Well, in my best Samuel L. Jackson voice, “Allow me to retort.”


Doug at Bogus Gold has more commentary on this editorial.

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