Hey, Y’all – This Southern Belle is a Peach

One of the coolest things about the blogosphere is the linking and the sometimes surreal “six degrees of separation” experience you can get when, like Alice, you follow the White Rabbit (an Ether Bunny?) through the ‘net.

Today I was going through the referral list of my SiteMeter report when I saw a blog name I hadn’t seen before. I followed that link and read a post there that lead me to another link, which had a post that lead me to a blog called Suburban Blight, written by Kelley, a desperate housewife in Atlanta-burbia.

Good Lord, she makes me laugh, and we can all use that on a regular basis so I recommend you check her out. Visit her blog and help her come up with a name for her new favorite adult beverage, or find out why her young son asked her to wear a bra – and the blog reaction she’s had as a result of that post.

Anyone who enjoys Cathy in the Wright and the rest of The
MAWB Squad
will feel right at home.

3 thoughts on “Hey, Y’all – This Southern Belle is a Peach

  1. Hey, thanks, Minfidel! I appreciate the kind words. I hope you’ll come back, you are welcome any time. 😉

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