All Esteemed Up

It’s graduation party season again, and today’s StarTribune – again on the cusp of a breaking news story – has tips on how to plan a successful party. Included was this tip from expert Mary J. Anderson:

“Most moms think [their graduates] want to have a party. But a lot of kids don’t want the attention. Maybe their self-esteem is low or they don’t want to be in the limelight.”

This is a horrible implication: children are graduating from our high schools with low self-esteem even though this subject has been the focus of a public school education since this year’s graduates were in kindergarten! How are these youngsters going to learn self-esteem now that they’re no longer in school?

I guess colleges and businesses will have to add remedial self-esteem classes for those who have graduated, but there’s still time to help those yet in school. I propose we add self-esteem to the 8th grade math and language skills competency tests; call it the “No Child Left Behind Hanging in a Locker By His Underwear” program.

Hmmm…if a low-self-esteem grad doesn’t want a party, does it mean a kid with high self-esteem could have two parties?

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