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An article in World Net Daily today describes how the Princeton Review’s “The Best 357 Colleges” rates colleges on whether they are a “Diversity University” or a “Monochromatic Institute.” The first three factors measured are the amount of racial interaction, the diversity of the student population and how open the college is to “Alternative Lifestyles.”

The fourth crucial factor is the degree to which students “ignore God on a regular basis.”

According to the Review, the top five schools where students “ignore God” are:
1. Reed College
2. Lewis & Clark College
3. Marlboro College
4. Eugene Lang College
5. Hampshire College

The top five schools where students pray are:
1. Brigham Young University
2. Wheaton College
3. Grove City College
4. University of Dallas
5. Samford University

The interesting thing is that I’m sure each of the ten colleges listed are very proud of their ranking.

The article also includes a link to where you can access the Princeton Review report on-line to see the highest ranking schools (Diversity vs. Monochromatic) in each of the four categories (free registration required for more detailed information).

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