The Keegan’s Cure

Now this is a week where I can really appreciate some trivial distractions. I’m heading to Keegan’s this evening, and will have the First Daughter in tow. She’s been wanting to check the scene out first hand, and we’ll see if her lungs are up to it. She may think she’s well prepared for the contest because everything I’ve ever told her is pretty trivial.

If you’re there as well, please introduce yourself. I have no idea what color my daughter’s hair might be from one day to the next, but I’m sure we’ll stand out (and no, Kevin, you may not buy her a beer.)

2 thoughts on “The Keegan’s Cure

  1. AWOL from Keegans

    Well I missed Keegans tonite…tis a shame. Most definitely a shame…because apparently I already have a reputation in the MOB….

  2. It’s that damn MAWB Squad

    Should have figured. I look in my referral log and I see a slew of incoming hits via the…

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