You know what is good

The Minfidel has gone back to his cage, I think, leaving me to figuratively wipe the spittle off of the computer monitor and otherwise clean up.

Reading his post, I’m reminded of Micah 6:8, “You know what is good to do, for the Lord has shown you: act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with your God.” It seems to me that there is justice, mercy and humility in seeking the well-being of others, especially the vulnerable. It’s been my take, however, that God’s desire is that we demonstrate, or develop, our personal piety by making the decision in our own lives, and acting accordingly.

If God’s desire is simply to feed the hungry and house the homeless, he’s certainly done bigger miracles. I think God wants us to learn or gain something as well, and gives us free will to choose. Mandating that others pay for something through taxes – regardless of their own intent or will – doesn’t fulfill the mission.

In other words, when I finally stand before God, and should he ask me if I looked after the poor, I don’t think I can get by just by saying, “Well, I paid my taxes.”

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