What Have They Done?!

by Tiger Lilly

So my father directed me to an article from CBS news, which stated that, contrary to popular belief, chocolate actually helps people maintain a lower Body Mass Index, despite the amount of calories.

I have a problem with this information.

I have heard from other sources that chocolate may become extremely rare and expensive in the next fifty years or so, due to what I’m sure are many good reasons that I was never very sure about.
So if people are writing articles about how chocolate is good for your health and helps you maintain a girlish figure (which I’m sure all you macho men out there are very concerned about), people will be flocking to the chocolate shops in hordes. HORDES, I tell you! And what does that mean? That means chocolate is going to become ever harder to come by, faster! It means that prices of chocolate are going to go even further up, because of the increased demand!


Of course, on the other hand (which is also holding chocolate), people don’t eat healthy foods as often as they should. Maybe, just maybe, since chocolate is now a healthy food, people will lose interest and leave the good stuff for the more devoted chocolate dabblers (myself).

My name is Tiger Lilly, and I am a chocoholic approve this message.

Ciao for now!

5 thoughts on “What Have They Done?!

  1. There is also the tried and true method of somehow getting other people to bring you chocolate.

  2. If it comes to the point where the government rations our chocolate, I will give you my allowance.

  3. i suggest Tiger Lilly invest in chocolate futures before the price goes up.

    a health food? may be.
    back in my 20-30’s i probably ate 3-4 lbs of chocolate a week. this is not an over statement. i bought chunky bars by the boxes.
    (before i officially quite the addictions and gained 30 lbs.)
    on chocolate, i stayed a nice slim weight not to be seen until i was denied all food three yrs ago.

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