Anorex[st]ics Inaneymous 135

Anorex[st]ics Inaneymous 135

So this is what happens every time we visit my sister and nephew (and brother-in-law, I guess). Admittedly, Benjamin doesn’t get up there on his own, I put him on my shoulders of my own free will.
Well, if you call being manipulated by adorable baby faces ‘free will’.

Ciao for now!

12 thoughts on “Anorex[st]ics Inaneymous 135

  1. You’re the jungle gym; I’m just the guy who carries the iPad with the Bebot app.

  2. HA!!!!! I love those pictures! Especially the last one where you’re annoyed and he’s so flippin’ adorable!

  3. Well, that’s not what I call “free will”. Do you want to go into this here?

  4. I already have a weapon for him, but he can’t have it until he’s big enough to use it. >:D

  5. Which, judging by the way he can already manipulate an iPad, won’t be much longer.

  6. So Tiger Lilly was predestined to put little Benny on her shoulders… that fits in a mixed Lutern-charismatic (Luthermatic? Now from Ronco!) family I have absolutely no clue. Even being moderately sympathetic to Calvin’s doctrines of grace, I still have no clue.

    But funny!

  7. Bubba, Lutheran theology calls for free will in things below us and a bound will in things above. That’s why we can’t force ourselves to put our hands up in worship.

  8. I do not want to get into the free will discussion however I think there are two words that all should look at. They are “thelema” and “boulema”.

  9. Remind me to never again utter the words ‘free’ and ‘will’ together in the same sentence.

  10. That which God does according to His Plan, the boulema, He takes full responsibility for. Yet because the boulema of God is a primal force which directly determines man’s ability and desire to obey God’s thelema (will), God holds Himself ultimately responsible and liable for the actions and salvation of His creation. That is one reason why He came to pay the penalty for sin Himself.

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